How To Increase Your Vertical Jump Free Report

Jacob Hiller has done a great job with The Jump Manual. His Step-By-Step guide has been featured in Men’s Heath Magazine, Sports Illustrated Magazine and Fadeaway Magazine.

If you’re really ready to learn how to jump higher, and willing to dedicate yourself to the techniques taught to you in the Jump Manual, then the Free Report, How To Increase Your Vertical Jump is a great report for you to get started.

So whats all in this how to increase your vertical jump free report?

Let’s go over a few things that you will learn that will help you increase your vertical.

Your Footwear is one of the most important details that can’t be over looked. In this free report Jacob will go over some real important details about the shoes you wear that will help you jump higher, such as, having shoes with a stiffer sole. Shoes with a carbon shank makes the foot a stiffer, more reactive lever in applying force into the ground and supports your foot muscles during plantar flexion (driving your foot into the ground).

Prepare the “prime movers” with dynamic warm-up movements and “glute activation”. Exercising is not enough, to get the most out of your muscles used for jumping, there are certain things that need to be done and warming up is VERY important. You will be taught 12 very important warm ups that will help you jump higher and improve your vertical.

Stretching of the muscles is another thing that you don’t want to over look when doing any kind of exercising. Learn to get the most out of your muscles with proper stretching.

Learn to increase your speed of approach and successful transfer of momentum. To really start jumping higher, this is something that you need to master, and Jacob goes into great detain with this. Such as the “penultimate” step – Second to last step – The trampoline effect. Get this mastered, and you will be jumping higher in no time. Proper alignment not only helps to prevent injury BUT it also allows the power to be properly transferred through your body.

Vertical Jump

Trick your body into jumping higher with post activation potentiation. This section really opened my eyes to this whole course. It’s great.

These are just a few things that will be covered in the free report.

Hope you enjoy this free report and it helps you to Jump Higher.

7 Leg Exercises to Increase Your Vertical

Before we get into what exercises you need to do in order to increase your vertical jump and jump higher, it’s essential for you to know exactly what muscles are used for jumping.

Many people think that there must be some kind of secret to jump higher and get the kind of air and hang time the big NBA players get, but you know what?, there is no secret to jumping higher at all, all you need to do is target the right muscles in your workout routines, it’s that simple.

So what muscles are used for jumping so you can increase your vertical jump?

The specific leg muscles used for jumping are the quadricepshamstringsgluteal, and the calves. If you target these main leg muscle groups, you will increase your vertical jump in no time.

Let’s go over some leg workouts you can do to jump higher that target these muscle groups mentioned.

Quadriceps Strengthening Exercises

Leg Squats: Leg Squats are one of the simplest, most basic quadriceps strengthening exercises you can do. You keep your feet about shoulder width apart, bend your legs at the knees and go down smoothly and come back up. Very simple yet a very effective quad strengthening exercise. If you want to increase the intensity of this exercise, you can simply hold some weights to add more resistance.

Squats: Quadriceps Strengthening Exercises To Jump Higher

Walking Lunges: I really hate these, and I’m sure I’m not alone on this one, but walking lunges are one of the best quadriceps strengthening exercises. To do these, you simply bring one leg forward in a walking motion, then bring your opposite leg down towards the floor keeping your knee about 1″ from the ground. Go back up and repeat with the opposite leg again.

Lunges: Quadriceps Strengthening Exercises To Jump Higher

Hamstrings Strengthening Exercises

Stability Ball Leg Curl Exercise: This one is done by simply placing the stability ball under your legs between your knees and feet trying to keep the stability ball as from away your hips as possible. Slowly raise your hips off the floor as you push down onto the stability ball straitening out your legs until your body is at a 30 degree angle with the floor. Hold this position for a count of five, then pull your legs back into your butt keeping your hips off the floor.

Leg Curl: Hamstrings Strengthening Exercises To Jump Higher

Elastic Band Kickbacks: Use an elastic exercise band. Keep your right leg straight. Kick your left heel back. Hold the left leg at this position for a count of five. Move the left leg to the initial position. Both the legs must be straight throughout the exercise. Repeat with your other leg.

Kickbacks: Hamstrings Strengthening Exercises To Jump Higher

Gluteal strengthening exercises

Bridging Exercise: Begin this gluteal strengthening exercise lying on your back flat on the floor with your legs bent at your knees. Slowly lift your butt until your knees, hips and shoulders are in a straight line. Tighten your butt muscles and hold for a count of five, then slowly lower your butt back down again.

Bridging: Gluteal Strengthening Exercises To Jump Higher

Lying Hip Extensions: Begin this gluteal strengthening exercise by lying flat on the floor on your stomach. Keeping your legs straight, slowly lift your leg as high as you can. Tightening your butt muscles and hold for a count of five. Slowly lower your leg back down. Repeat.

Hip Extensions: Gluteal strengthening exercises To Jump Higher

Calves Strengthening Exercises

Calf Raises: To do this calf strengthening exercise, start by standing at a bench or chair so it’s easier for you to keep your balance. Place your feet about shoulder width apart. Slowly move up onto your toes, raising your heels as far as possible and tighten up your calf muscles. Then slowly lower back down. You can also do this one while standing on one of your stair steps to get more range of motion. To make this exercise even harder, you can do one legged calf raises.

Calf Raises: Calves Strengthening Exercises To Jump Higher

If you incorporate these leg exercises to increase your vertical jump into your own workout routine, you will build stronger jumping muscles and be able to jump higher. Remember to always do any kind of workouts in moderation so you don’t hurt yourself.

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Will A Vertical Jump Program Improve Your Vertical Jump?

How can a vertical jump program help you increase your vertical jump abilities in Basketball or Volleyball or any sport that being able to jump higher would benefit you?

Having the necessary skills is the most important thing for any person to have if they are playing sports and if they wish to improve their game as a player.

For instance, a great basketball player must have the conditioning and stamina to sprint for several minutes at a time during their game, and also have the ability of a great vertical leap to dunk a basketball.

Another great example would be a volleyball player being able to jump high enough to slam the ball over the net. Even a receiver in Football at times needs the ability to have a good vertical jump so they can catch the football.

How To Increase Your Vertical And Jump Higher?

It is thought by many people that height is a major requirement in order to be able to dunk a basketball, taller people are just better because they can naturally jump higher so it’s easier to dunk a basketball.

Now this is very true but, does this mean that a shorter person can’t be a great basketball player?

Not in the slightest. There are many shorter basketball players that can soar like a bird when they explode vertically. Not having a height advantage only means that you need to work a little harder.

Take for instance these NBA players;

  1. Tyrone “Mugsy” Bogues – 5 feet 3 inches tall and had a 41 inch vertical leap
  2. The Leaping Anthony “Spud” Webb – 5 feet 7 inches tall and had a 42 inch vertical leap
  3. Nate Robinson – 5 feet 9 inches tall and had a 43.5 inch vertical leap

Now you might be thinking that these basketball players can naturally jump high.

Well I would have to disagree with that; the only way for anyone to achieve such success is with training to jump higher, no one can improve their vert without proper training.

Do you think that when they were kids playing basketball at school or in their driveway with friends that they were able to dunk the ball from the very beginning?

Without even realizing it, while they were playing and trying to dunk the ball they were actually plyometric training.

So if you can increase your vertical leap just by practicing everyday, what is the point of starting a training program?

What Will A Good Vertical Jump Program Do For Me?

A training program for jumping will show you the proper training so you can reach your goals faster than trying it alone.

As with anything in life that you do, you get better in time because you learn small little secrets to do things better and more efficiently. Practice makes perfect.

A good jump program will help you;

  • Learn proper vertical jumping exercises
  • Learn proper running techniques to get a higher vertical
  • Learn proper leg workouts to strengthen your leg muscles for jumping

Overall, with a good jump program you will get insider secrets that the NBA players get from their jumping coaches that will speed up your learning so you’re not relying on trial and error while your learning how to improve your vert. You can get down to business learning what works, and what doesn’t.

Just remember that when choosing from the many different programs out there, choose the one that has verifiable testimonials like The Jump Manual has, this will make it easier to weed out the good programs from the bad ones.

Buy The Jump Manual today and join the jump manual members community, we’re waiting to hear your success story.

The Jump Manual Vertical Jump Program

The Jump Manual Review – How It Helped Me Jump Higher!

I remember when I first was able to dunk a basketball after learning how to jump higher with The Jump Manual, what a feeling that was watching my friends gloat asking me;

How Did You Learn How To Dunk A Basketball?

Can You Teach Me How To Jump Higher too?

Standing only 5’10” it was not easy and it took lots of hard work to be able to jump high enough to dunk a basketball!

The How To Jump Higher Secret: The Jump Manual Review

If you’re just learning about vertical jumping, basketball or even volleyball, you had to have heard that name before right? There are hundreds of real testimonials out there about the success people have had using this vertical leap training program.

So what’s the secret behind the success of so many different people using this vertical jump program?

The author, Jacob Hiller, has been teaching jumping techniques for over 8 years to professional Volleyball players, professional Basketball players, Olympic athletes, coaches plus so many more other people.

The Jump Manual is the best vertical jump program with the highest success rate because of the way he teaches vertical jumping!

Jacob will teach you proper basketball drills and workouts, plus he also goes into great detail on these nine key areas to master an explosive vertical leap:

  • Master Proper Jumping Form
  • Maintaining Good Body Composition
  • Improving Balance and Stability
  • Improving Conditioning and Neurological Recruitment
  • Increasing Jumping Quickness
  • Why Flexibility Is So Important
  • Giving Your Muscles Fuel for Explosive Verticals
  • Releasing Explosive Jumping Power
  • Understanding Hereditary Factors for Jumping

Like so many others, everything I was doing was wrong so the results I was seeing were small but once I got all the information from the program, that’s when everything changed, and changed quickly.

Within the first week of using Jacobs program, I seen a 3” increase in my vert just by changing my workouts and utilizing the proper jumping techniques taught in the program.

The exercises are tailored to everyone’s fitness level and abilities so will go good from the entry level jumpers, to the more advanced avid jumpers.

Are you thinking that you’re already at your max vertical leap?
If you have not seen any, or very minimal, gains yet, it may have something to do with your workout program, Jacob has easy to follow detailed exercise videos that will help you.

To get the most out of your jump exercises there are many different things you need to know, targeting the right muscles is the biggest one, to increase your vertical. Plyometrics is all about training to produce fast and powerful movements to help you run faster and jump higher.

I know after I learned everything this program has to offer I seen a huge increase in my vertical leap gains, and so will you.

Just by going to the Gym and working out will have very little success if you do not know the proper ways to do things.

In addition to receiving proper workout charts and videos showing how to do the workouts, Jacob also gives you an extreme muscle fueling diet plan which mean you will have more explosive power.

Is it not about time that you started seeing huge vertical gains for all your hard work you have been doing?

If you’re ready to take your vertical jump to new heights, then you need to learn everything that Jacob has to offer you in terms of knowledge and training.

Just three little secrets taught in the manual increased my vertical in less than a week; Imagine What It Can Do For You!

Go to The Jump Manual website and increase your vertical jump today!

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How to Jump higher Exercises?

Here are some of the best exercises that will help you to jump higher. So let us begin.

  1. Jump Squat

Jump squat is the absolute best exercise to jump higher. This exercise combines the actual action of jumping with weighted resistance. You can use dumbbells or a bar for this exercise. But you have to be careful about how much weight you use. If not done carefully and intelligently, this exercise can put you at risk of injury.

  1. Deadlift

Legs are the most important part to jump higher. The lower back also plays a very important role  You can develop both of these muscle groups with an emphasis on the lower back with a deadlift exercise, if done properly. If you are serious about jumping high, you must surely try this exercise.

  1. Box Jump

This is a straightforward exercise. This exercise will make sure that you are getting to at least a certain height on each of your leaps. Make sure that you do not push the envelope too much on this one though. There should be a situation where you have doubt whether you have to jump that high again. One missed jump can hurt you seriously.

  1. Calf Raises

For jumping higher and giving you a little extra advantage from pushing your toes down, calves help you a lot. You can use them as the last part of the foot touching the ground. This is mimiced by calf raises. You will get stronger calves from this. You should do these with additional weight.

  1. Lunges

These are leg exercise to improve your jumping ability. If you can do safely, do it weighted. Normal lunges are also good. In this, you jump and switch legs. If you are doing normal version, you need not use weights.

  1. Depth Jumps

You should start on the top of a box to do this exercise. Step off and do your best to absorb the contact with the ground. This can be followed by exploding up as fast as you can. It helps to improve the reaction/twitch speed and power of your muscles. This is very important for jumping higher.

  1. Good Mourning

This is one of the best exercises to jump higher. It strengthens the lower back as a whole and somewhat simulates the motion the back goes through when jumping. It is not a mimic of the dead lift. But if you want to choose between dead lifts and good mourning, it is better to choose dead lifts.

  1. Single leg set Up jump

You have to start with one foot on a box and one foot off to do this exercise. You have to face the box while doing this. You have to explode up and land with both feet on the box. You can also try the version where there lower foot goes back down to its starting point. This is also very effective. This exercise is very useful towards jumping higher. You have to be careful while doing this and make sure you safely land on the box with both feet touching at the same time.