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The Jump Manual Review

The Jump Manual Review on Jacob Hiller’s The Jump Manual vertical jump program.

While I was reading the actual guide, I found some very interesting things.

When people first start a vertical jump training program so that they can jump higher for basketball, volleyball, or any other sport that requires them to jump higher, they fail to realize that to gain inches on their vertical leap, it takes proper training and exercises to increase muscle strength on the specific muscle groups that are used for jumping.

Without knowing what muscles are used for jumping, people soon give up trying to increase their vertical leap and quit because they are not seeing the results quick enough.

They start thinking that it’s 100% physically impossible for them to jump any higher than they already can and never realize that a good program can actually help.

You see, when you keep trying to achieve something, and never get any closer to your goals, you move on and decide that it’s not for you. This is just the nature of us all and part of life.

This is where Jacob’s program called;

 The Jump Manual is going to change all of this for you!

Jacob goes into great detail about every aspect needed for you to get incredible gains.

If you don’t know who Jacob Hiller is, let me give you some insight to what he does and has done for thousands of professionals and regular people just like you and I.

Jacob is a professional trainer who has successfully trained high school students, college students, NBA athletes, Olympic athletes, Volleyball athletes, and professional basketball dunkers to increase both their quickness and leaping abilities.

He has been developing plyometric techniques for over 10 years. He trains coaches and athletes to maximize and achieve their full athletic potential.

He has consistently helped athletes to gain 40 plus inches in their jumping height, time and time again.

In short, he is a full time trainer, and he really knows his stuff and proves it in training program.

Just look what other’s have said about their experience using Jacob Hiller’s jump program.

I have to say it is well worth the price you offer to your customers. I can already dunk off the dribble. Another benefit of your training was the increased speed i had that propelled me to a 40 yard, 70 yard touchdown receptions. I am only in 10th grade but now I start on the varsity team. I am the only one that can dunk on my team and i am 5’11. Today I had 19 points. 4 of them were on offensive rebounds where I completely jumped over the 3 defenders around me and went up strong. Another basket I had was on a fast break against a 6’4 guy. I saw him loading for the block, me just made a move round another defender knew in this situation i wouldn’t get higher then him because of his height. I jumped up put my hip into his body and hung in the air longer than him to receive an easy and 1. That really hyped up my team as we won 77 to 47. I’ve scored on many lay ups by just soaring above the defenders. I scored 27, 11, 16, and 19 in my scrimmages so far. Thanks for the program
– Conor

What I was most surprised about the training program was how little time it took each day to get those kind of results. 2 weeks after doing the training I was jumping higher. I was quicker and dunking easily. My training will never be the same and I would recommend without hesitation to all my team mates. Thanks again.
– Stephen W
Ontario, Canada

I tried everything man! Air Alert, Strength shoes, plyos you name it I tried it. Your program made sense and I gave it a shot. I gained 13 inches in in 12 weeks and now I can 360 dunk with 2 hands. Every time I play people always notice. I recommended to our coach that the whole team does the work-out cause i’m also a whole lot quicker. Seriously… Thanks!
– Wayne
Kansas City, Missouri

hey i just wanted to say thanks for your program its helped alot I’ve gained 7 inches in my vertical and 5 in my first month and i dunked for the first time. and now i can grab the rim the two hands i just need a couple more inches to dunk consistently. your program has been great thanks.
– Coleman F.

The entire experience of constantly training and never seeing any gains or results at all, even with the hundreds of training hours that you have already completed, can be EXTREMELY heart breaking.

When people laugh at you about how hard you are working, and still not getting any gains, this can make you feel overlooked and very small.

I know how this feels because it has happened to me also, but after reading Jacob’s manual, I finally realized that all the workouts that I was doing was all wrong.

The Jump Manual Will Increase Your Vertical Jump To The Max

Jacob opened my eyes to finally see the full potential that I already had in me and unlocked it.

So if you want to STOP doing all the wrong things, then you’re going to need to learn how to avoid the most common mistakes that most everyone makes, and START doing things that really work and will make a HUGE difference in your vertical gains.

You are going to find out what not to do and how to add 10 inches or more to your vertical jump in 12 weeks or less.

Jacob is also putting his money where his mouth is.

He’s offering you a guarantee that if his training program does NOT increase your vertical and make you jump higher than you already are, he’ll give you a full refund.

Now is this super cool or what?

With the 60 Day money back guarantee, and the thousands of testimonials of how this program has helped people, yes I would have to say that this is the best vertical jump program there is today.

Buy The Jump Manual today and join the successful vertical jump members community, we’re waiting to hear your success story.

Try The Jump Manual

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  1. Tom the Jump Higher Guy

     /  December 10, 2011

    Most athletes, especially basketball players, at some time or another wonder how they can jump higher. Both rebounding and slam dunking require you to jump high unless you are very tall.

    There are exercises and techniques to strengthen your legs and increase vertical jumping quite a bit. You can add several inches or even feet to your jumping with the right training.

  2. Tommy

     /  February 23, 2012

    Tommy here.
    The jump manual has been going awesome, I have definitely felt lighter and my vert is improving weekly. Thank you for sending me this video, a lot of great tips that I will look to keep in mind. I’ll send you some dunk videos in a month or so that will show my progression. Thanks and keep the bomb videos coming.

    • Increase Your Vertical

       /  February 24, 2012

      This is great to hear. I will be adding videos to this blog real soon also.

  3. The Jump Manual User

     /  February 23, 2012

    First of all I just want to say the Jump Manual is awesome-it’s the real deal. I couldn’t agree more with the training methods. I don’t want to bore you with my life story. I was hell bent on being able to dunk-it became an obsession. I bought training manuals like yours-but those that taught me to do hundreds and hundreds of repetitions. Being used to working my butt[sic] off in the gym these workouts worked me hard and I figured for sure that they’d work for me, but I saw only little improvements. I then bought… And by training this way… I went from having a hard time grabbing rim with one hand with a running start, to being able to grab with two hands with a 3-4 step start. I was surprised and glad that I was improving, but far from content. I have a HUGE reach advantage… I really appreciate it.. Thanks a million

  4. J-Dubb

     /  February 24, 2012

    I could only barely dunk a volleyball from a running start. Now I can stand under the rim and dunk a basketball with 2 hands, it’s freakin nuts! I recommended the program to my entire team!

    • Increase Your Vertical

       /  February 24, 2012

      Give it a little while longer and see what you will do. The jump manual is helping hundreds of people just like you increase their vertical. I truly do believe that this is the best vertical jump program out there today.

  5. Steven

     /  March 1, 2012

    I have been thinking about buying the jump manual for a while now. Have seen many of my friends in school really improve their vertical because of this vertical jump program. I think that with what I have read on your blog with the testimonials and stuff, I’m going to make the purchase.

    Thank you.

    P.S. I will be back at a later date with an update on how i’m doing, I seen other people have done this on your blog and would love to do the same also.

    • Increase Your Vertical

       /  March 1, 2012

      Great to hear that. Looking forward to hearing about your results from using the jump manual.

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