Will A Vertical Jump Program Improve Your Vertical Jump?

How can a vertical jump program help you increase your vertical jump abilities in Basketball or Volleyball or any sport that being able to jump higher would benefit you?

Having the necessary skills is the most important thing for any person to have if they are playing sports and if they wish to improve their game as a player.

For instance, a great basketball player must have the conditioning and stamina to sprint for several minutes at a time during their game, and also have the ability of a great vertical leap to dunk a basketball.

Another great example would be a volleyball player being able to jump high enough to slam the ball over the net. Even a receiver in Football at times needs the ability to have a good vertical jump so they can catch the football.

How To Increase Your Vertical And Jump Higher?

It is thought by many people that height is a major requirement in order to be able to dunk a basketball, taller people are just better because they can naturally jump higher so it’s easier to dunk a basketball.

Now this is very true but, does this mean that a shorter person can’t be a great basketball player?

Not in the slightest. There are many shorter basketball players that can soar like a bird when they explode vertically. Not having a height advantage only means that you need to work a little harder.

Take for instance these NBA players;

  1. Tyrone “Mugsy” Bogues – 5 feet 3 inches tall and had a 41 inch vertical leap
  2. The Leaping Anthony “Spud” Webb – 5 feet 7 inches tall and had a 42 inch vertical leap
  3. Nate Robinson – 5 feet 9 inches tall and had a 43.5 inch vertical leap

Now you might be thinking that these basketball players can naturally jump high.

Well I would have to disagree with that; the only way for anyone to achieve such success is with training to jump higher, no one can improve their vert without proper training.

Do you think that when they were kids playing basketball at school or in their driveway with friends that they were able to dunk the ball from the very beginning?

Without even realizing it, while they were playing and trying to dunk the ball they were actually plyometric training.

So if you can increase your vertical leap just by practicing everyday, what is the point of starting a training program?

What Will A Good Vertical Jump Program Do For Me?

A training program for jumping will show you the proper training so you can reach your goals faster than trying it alone.

As with anything in life that you do, you get better in time because you learn small little secrets to do things better and more efficiently. Practice makes perfect.

A good jump program will help you;

  • Learn proper vertical jumping exercises
  • Learn proper running techniques to get a higher vertical
  • Learn proper leg workouts to strengthen your leg muscles for jumping

Overall, with a good jump program you will get insider secrets that the NBA players get from their jumping coaches that will speed up your learning so you’re not relying on trial and error while your learning how to improve your vert. You can get down to business learning what works, and what doesn’t.

Just remember that when choosing from the many different programs out there, choose the one that has verifiable testimonials like The Jump Manual has, this will make it easier to weed out the good programs from the bad ones.

Buy The Jump Manual today and join the jump manual members community, we’re waiting to hear your success story.

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