How To Increase Your Vertical Jump Free Report

Jacob Hiller has done a great job with The Jump Manual. His Step-By-Step guide has been featured in Men’s Heath Magazine, Sports Illustrated Magazine and Fadeaway Magazine.

If you’re really ready to learn how to jump higher, and willing to dedicate yourself to the techniques taught to you in the Jump Manual, then the Free Report, How To Increase Your Vertical Jump is a great report for you to get started.

So whats all in this how to increase your vertical jump free report?

Let’s go over a few things that you will learn that will help you increase your vertical.

Your Footwear is one of the most important details that can’t be over looked. In this free report Jacob will go over some real important details about the shoes you wear that will help you jump higher, such as, having shoes with a stiffer sole. Shoes with a carbon shank makes the foot a stiffer, more reactive lever in applying force into the ground and supports your foot muscles during plantar flexion (driving your foot into the ground).

Prepare the “prime movers” with dynamic warm-up movements and “glute activation”. Exercising is not enough, to get the most out of your muscles used for jumping, there are certain things that need to be done and warming up is VERY important. You will be taught 12 very important warm ups that will help you jump higher and improve your vertical.

Stretching of the muscles is another thing that you don’t want to over look when doing any kind of exercising. Learn to get the most out of your muscles with proper stretching.

Learn to increase your speed of approach and successful transfer of momentum. To really start jumping higher, this is something that you need to master, and Jacob goes into great detain with this. Such as the “penultimate” step – Second to last step – The trampoline effect. Get this mastered, and you will be jumping higher in no time. Proper alignment not only helps to prevent injury BUT it also allows the power to be properly transferred through your body.

Vertical Jump

Trick your body into jumping higher with post activation potentiation. This section really opened my eyes to this whole course. It’s great.

These are just a few things that will be covered in the free report.

Hope you enjoy this free report and it helps you to Jump Higher.

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