Is Jumping Rope Good For You? Find The Answer Here

What’s up guys my name is Alan from and today We’ll talk about is jumping rope good for you?. We know that jump rope or skipping is one of the simple exercise which is we can do it everywhere and anytime. The equipment isn’t too complicated and it’s inexpensive.

But even so, you should not underestimate this exercise because if you learn more about it, you can find the huge benefits. I think this is why people who already know about benefits of Jump Rope will taking time to do it every day.

In my previous articles, I already mentioned some benefits of jumping rope, for example, jump rope for fat loss and jump rope for calves. I highly recommend all of you guys to read them first. And for you guys who have read them, let’s continue to more benefits of Jump Rope.

If you want to know how to do jump rope properly, I highly recommend you to watch a video below or you can click here.

Is Jumping Rope Good for You?

Is Jumping Rope Good for You

Is it good for you? Well, I won’t give my answer, but you should find the answer yourself, alright? Let dig it!

#1. Tighten muscles

Jump rope on a regular basis provides the benefits of a muscle that is getting tighter, this is the effect of frequent jumps. Muscles can be tighter and stronger, especially in the leg muscles and lower muscles of the body. In addition, the upper muscles of the body, such as the arms and shoulders will also benefit because of active participation as well. By doing a jump rope, can further strengthen the muscles of the arms and legs.

#2. Lose weight

Doing this exercise for an hour can burn calories in the body about 1000 calories. In addition, it also burns fat in the body, which will be issued with sweat.

For those of you who are running a diet program, you can make a jump rope as the best solution. But keep in mind, adjust to the ability of our bodies, not too forced, such as practicing 3 hours directly this of course makes our body will be very tired and may be sick later. So do it 1 hour a day but regularly will give you the benefits. If you want to know more about it, read this Jump Rope for Fat Loss.

#3. Increasing Height

Adolescence becomes a prime time in times of growth, so if you want to increase your height, a jump rope is the right exercise. But for those of you who are past adolescence, maybe the benefits of this one is not too influential.

#4. Improve Fertility

The condition of irregular menstrual patterns becomes an issue affecting the female reproductive organs. A very worrying problem is the difficulty in getting offspring. Jumping rope can help improve reproductive function, which includes increasing fertility.

#5. Preventing Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a problem of fragility or bone organ loss. Doing a jump rope can give you the benefit of a maintained bone density.

Routine rope jump is very important to reduce the risk of bone loss (osteoporosis). A study conducted by researchers from the Osteoporosis Society in England, the study found that jump ropes regularly make people have a small risk of bone loss.

However, people who already have osteoporosis (especially old age) should avoid this exercise because it worsens the condition of osteoporosis disease sufferer.

#6. Improve Brain Performance

Accustomed to jumping rope stimulates the brain to work faster and precisely in calculating the jumping motion. When doing a jump rope, someone is trained to be on time to jump over the rope. Jump rope trains the brain to get used to work fast and precisely.

#7. Heart health

Jump ropes become one of the most useful exercises for the heart. Cardiovascular organs include the heart, along with arteries and veins that help blood and oxygen circulate between the heart and other organs. It is very good for the health of organs, especially the vital organs of the heart.

That’s what makes an event known as Jump Rope for Heart in some country. If you do not know about it, read this What is Jump Rope for Heart?.

#8. Optimize energy

Is Jumping Rope Good for You? Do you have the answer now? If not, let’s continue…

Jump rope helps one to optimize energy in the body. Practice regularly will make the body accustomed to utilize stored energy. When age is old, then the body energy remains in good condition, so it can still move like when young.

I think that’s all about Is Jumping Rope Good for You?, now, we have discussed the benefits, it’s not fair if we didn’t discuss the danger of jumping rope.¬†Here are some of them:

  1. Jumping Rope excessively makes a person at high risk of sprains and muscle cramps on the calf and shin. Especially if the condition of the foot when landing is not good.
  2. Skipping can actually overcome asthma, but if too long skipping can actually be a cause of chest breathless, which makes asthma relapse. Excessive jump rope sports (including no rest/breaks in any exercise) can make the oxygen in the body slightly reduced.
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