Jordan Kilganon Vertical, Learn from “Mission Impossible” Dude

What’s going on guys my name is Alan from and today, I’m gonna share with you Jordan Kilganon Vertical. Who doesn’t know him? I think everyone who playing basketball knows him.

According to Wikipedia,

Jordan Kilganon (born 1992 Sudbury, Ontario), also known as “Mission Impossible” and “The Dude Who Dunked in Jeans“, is a Canadian professional dunker. He is very famous for his movie dunk that looks on YouTube and scorpion dunk with jeans..dunker

Kilganon has a 50-inch vertical jump that allows him to perform an acrobatic buzz even though he only stands 6’1 “. He first completed a dunk at the age of 16. Most of his dunks were done while jumping over a person or the guy holding the ball while underneath the rim. Complete information about him: Jordan Kilganon Profile.

Jordan Kilganon Vertical Jump Height

Jordan Kilganon Vertical

If you are a fan of basketball you may have witnessed the action of Jordan Kilganon. One of his most prominent appearances was the NBA All-Star Basketball Games game in the 4th quarter.

For those of you who miss Jordan Kilganon Vertical and Scorpion Dunk or have never witnessed the action, check out the short video below.

If you want to know, this is Jordan “Mission Impossible” Kilganon stats:
  • Height: 6ft 1 /186cm
  • Weight: 176lbs/80kg
  • Standing Vertical Jump Height: 48 inches /122cm
  • Country: Canada

It has been confirmed that Jordan Kilganon has a 48-inch vertical jump. By looking at his amazing dunks repertoire, it’s not hard to believe.

Here is a video that shows that he can complete a jump as high as 73 inches.

Life As a Professional Dunker

Jordan Kilganon’s impressive leap has enabled him to reach his dream of traveling the world as a professional dunker.

One thing that sets it apart from other jumper is the fact that he will add a new dunk to his regime in every dunk contest.

Jordan Kilganon is one of the super-innovative men. He has created more than 60 original dunks to date. Interestingly, Jordan did not play basketball. He only cares about being the greatest dunker.

Healthy Obsession with High Jump

In an interview with Fiba 3×3, Jordan reports that he’s obsessed with vertical jump exercises since he was a teenager.

His passion for dunk developed in such a way that he quit all other sports after high school in order to continue full-time employment.

Here is a nice interview with Jordan, where he describes his life as a professional dunker.

Jordan Kilganon: Dunking’s Future is in Safe Hands

Jordan Kilganon is only 24 years old, and therefore still has to reach his athletic peak. However, living life as a professional dunker is a novelty. No one really knows how long a person can maintain an impressive vertical jump. He must carefully maintain vertical stepping exercises and downtime to prevent possible overtraining injuries.

Only one was seriously injured and could have made Jordan Kilganon’s career over.

In fact, Jordan reported that he had suffered a severe head injury from a failed attempt to get away from the car. Regardless of his past, he continues to be an innovative leader in the new era of pro dunking. He reports that he is highly motivated to go ahead in the game and creates an inheritance as the greatest.

If you still doubt his skill, here are some achievements, he has ever had:

  • 1st place in Toronto’s Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown 2012
  • 2nd place in Philly’s Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown 2012
  • 1st place in Humber’s 3 on 3 Dunk contest 2012
  • 1st place in Philly’s Sprite Slam Dunk contest 2013
  • 1st Place in Sprite Kings Of Air Slam Dunk Contest 2016

Basic Jump Training

Basically, Jordan Kilganon is using the same vertical jump training principle done by the vertical jump program out there. So you can try this one: How to Increase Your Vertical Jump Free Report.

The same old principle builds stability in muscle and then strength. Once a solid foundation is built, power lifting and plyometric exercises help increase the rate of force that can be produced while enhancing the elastic properties of the tendon.

It has also been reported that Jordan does hours of dunk practice almost every day of the week. If you read the 6 Best Exercise to Increase Vertical Jump, you’ll understand how important a special training jump is to achieve vertical jump success.

This hour-long dunk exercise is not only to help him jump higher, but also develop fine motor control and coordination that must be owned to perform awesome dunk. If you want to make your leg strong to support your vertical jump, I highly recommend you to try this 7 Leg Exercises to Increase Vertical Jump.

So Is Jordan Kilganon Dunker the Greatest All Time?

Jordan Kilganon Vertical and Scorpion Dunk

Jordan Kilganon might just go down as the greatest dunker of all time. We are just beginning to enter an era when people can actually earn a living around the world as professional dunks.

Jordan is currently ahead of the game and plans to stay that way. He continues to hone his skills every day to perfect his skills. It has long gone the days when people say “The White Man Can’t Jump”.

If you are interested in the technique that Jordan Kilganon did, you can follow his program via the following link Bounce Kit Jump Program. I’m not promoted, I’m just sharing for you all guys. Thank

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