Jump Manual Review – Can It Make You Jump 10 Inches Higher?

Jump Manual Review – Can It Make You Jump 10 Inches Higher?

The Jump Manual is getting rave reviews all across the globe. It guarantees at least a 10-inch vertical jump increase. This program was designed for individuals wanting to learn how to jump higher. It is ideal for basketball players, volleyball players, tennis players, athletes, and individuals that just want to increase their ability to jump higher.

Being able to jump higher gives you a physical edge over the competition, regardless of sport you are playing in. However, many products on the market today make outrageous claims, with only a few delivering on what they say! My Jump Manual Review will explain what makes this program different.

Increase Your Vertical Jump

The Jump Manual’s training will teach how to;

  1. Harness the power inside you to achieve the maximum height on your vertical
  2. Increase your agility
  3. Increase your overall quickness

This software works on all computer platforms, including;

  • Linux
  • MAC
  • Windows

The jump manual workout charts show you what exercises, and skills you need to complete each day. This is a perfect guide for anyone wanting to learn how to jump higher. The Manual also reviews how to complete each of the jumping exercises (in full detail), and how they help to jump higher.

This vertical jump-training program also includes systematic training videos. They demonstrate, use of proper form for each of the jumping exercises and stretches. Also included in this vertical jump training system, is information on fine-tuning your nutrition. This nutrition plan lays out exactly, what you need to eat to increase your vertical jump.

Jacob Hiller – Developer of the Jump Manual

Jacob Hiller is dedicated to making sure you have all the tools needed to succeed in your goal. Because of this, he offers one-on-one jump training through email. Get all your questions answered that you may have, quickly.

You will also receive access to the jump manual’s training forum. There, you can interact with others, including Jacob himself, about the program, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. Get instant answers for all your questions, whenever you need them.

Jacob Hiller has been teaching jump training for over a decade. Over the years, he has consulted with professionals, Olympic and college athletes, and coaches. He has helped them integrate, vertical jump training into regular exercise. He has taught successfully, methods to exceed a 40-inch vertical leap.

Verifiable Testimonials

When reading product reviews, it is difficult to tell real testimonials, from the fake ones. However, while researching for my jump manual review, I found that the testimonials on the Jump Manual’s website are easily verified, and indeed true. The testimonials rave about the results achieved using this system. Wayne from Kansas City testifies that the program helped him gain 13 inches in vertical height in just 3 months.

Benefits of the Jump Manual

When reviewing this vertical jump training program I looked at this program as a whole. The cross training approach in the course works. By improving the synergy of muscles in the body, the body naturally explodes to higher vertical jumps.

The essence of the program is to improve, by targeting, nine different areas to increase height and quickness. The program is not complicated at all, and any healthy individual can complete it.

No other jump training program out there focuses on the nine separate functions it takes to jump higher. Flexibility, strength, muscle control, and so much more, go into an individual’s ability to jump higher.

Have you ever wanted to dunk a basketball, or cruise over the volleyball net? If so, is it not time you worked on training your body to jump higher?

From what I found, and read in the manual, it is as good as the testimonials claim. An extraordinary program provides real results, and the jump manual results in extraordinary vertical gains! My jump manual review speaks for itself.

Is the Jump Manual Worth It?

Do you truly want to learn how to jump higher?

Are you dedicated and willing to complete the program in full?

If you answered yes to the questions above, then yes, the jump manual is worth it! However, if this were something that you just want to try to see how it goes, I would not buy the jump manual; instead, search for free information on how to jump higher.

Now, it is up for you to decide! Do you want to know how to jump higher bad enough that you will buy the jump manual, or will you just continue doing what you’re doing now?

Now that you have read my jump manual review, I hope that I have given you enough information to make a wise decision. Simply click the banner below to go to Jacob Hiller’s website, and read more about the training course.