The Jump Manual Secret Vertical Jump Program

I remember when I first was able to dunk a basketball, what a feeling that was watching my friends gloat asking me;

How Did You Learn How To Dunk A Basketball?

Can You Teach Me, How To Jump Higher?

Standing only 5’10” it was not easy and it took lots of hard work to be able to jump high enough.

My How To Jump Higher Secret: The Jump Manual

The Jump Manual Secret Vertical Jump

If you have been into vertical jumping, basketball or even volleyball you had to have seen that name before. There are hundreds of real testimonials out there about the success people have had using The Jump Manual.

So what’s the secret behind the success of so many different people using this vertical jump program?

The author, Jacob Hiller, has been teaching vertical jump techniques for over 8 years to professional Volleyball players, professional Basketball players, Olympic athletes, coaches plus so many more other people.

The Jump Manual is the best vertical jump program with the highest success rate because of the way he teaches vertical jumping.

Jacob will teach you proper basketball drills, workouts etc. to increase your vertical fast plus he also goes into great detail on these nine key areas to get an explosive vertical leap:

  1. Master Proper Jumping Form
  2. Maintaining Good Body Composition
  3. Improving Balance and Stability
  4. Improving Conditioning and Neurological Recruitment
  5. Increasing Jumping Quickness
  6. Why Flexibility Is So Important
  7. Giving Your Muscles Fuel for Explosive Verticals
  8. Releasing Explosive Jumping Power
  9. Understanding Hereditary Factors for Jumping

Like so many others, everything I was doing was wrong so the vertical gains I was seeing were small but once I got all the information from the program, that’s when everything changed, and changed quickly.

Within the first week of using Jacobs program, I seen a 3” vertical leap increase just by changing my workouts and utilizing the proper jumping techniques taught in the program.

The vertical jump exercises are tailored to everyone’s fitness level and abilities so will go good from the entry level jumpers, to the more advanced avid jumpers.

Don’t Forget to check another great article below:

Are you thinking that you’re already at your max vertical leap?

If you have not seen any, or very minimal, gains yet, it may have something to do with your workout program, Jacob has easy to follow detailed exercise videos that will help you.

To get the most out of your vertical jump exercises there are many different things you need to know, targeting the right muscles is the biggest one, to increase your vertical. Plyometrics is all about training to produce fast and powerful movements to help you run faster and jump higher.

I know after I learned everything this program has to offer I seen huge increase in my vertical leap gains, and so will you.

Just by going to the Gym and working out will have very little success if you do not know the proper ways to do things.

In addition to receiving proper workout charts and videos showing how to do the workouts, Jacob also gives you an extreme muscle fueling diet plan which mean you will have more explosive power.

Is it not about time that you started seeing huge vertical gains for all your hard work you have been doing?

If you’re ready to take your vertical jump to new heights, then you need to learn everything that Jacob has to offer you in terms of knowledge and training.

Just three little vertical jump secrets taught in the manual increased my vertical in less than a week; Imagine What It Can Do For You!

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