The Best Vertical Jump Equipment

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Hi guys, today I’m gonna share with you the best Vertical Jump Equipment that you can use to increase your vertical jump. Having a high jump is a dream of some people, especially for them who like basketball. If you have it, you can do awesome dunk that you can show it to the other.

It’s awesome when you showing it to your friends who can’t dunk, they’ll be stunned. Especially when they’re higher than you. So, have a high body does not guarantee that you will be able to jump higher than the other who have a shorter body. There are some point that you have to know about having a higher vertical jump, one of them is Vertical Jump Tools.

There are various vertical jump tools available to improve your vertical jump. Here are the tools and explanations.

The Best Vertical Jump Equipment

  • Wall Mounted

Vertical Jump Equipment

The original and simplest method to measure the height of the vertical jump is attached to the wall. Although you can use only a wall and a piece of chalk in hand, there is also another wall mounted grid options. See the procedure for using the wall method.

There are several types of Wall Mounted, one of them is wall-mounted grids that using magnetic disks for marking heights. In my opinion, this method is quite effective because the magnet has a considerable appeal, so it is very small possibility of calculation error.

It’s different when we use only wall and a piece of chalk in our hand, often occur miscalculating. So I recommend you to use wall mounted with magnetic disks to measure your vertical jump, so you can know your progress.

  • Vertec

The Best Vertical Jump Equipment

Vertec (or similar Yardstick) is one of the most common tools for measuring vertical jump ability. This is a vertical jump tool that recommended by professionals. It consists of steel frame construction with horizontal vanes that are rotated out of the way by hand to indicate the height reached. Each vane is in a 1/2 “increase (additional cm may be available), and the height of the blades can be adjusted from 6 ‘to 12’ to test elite athletes as well as beginners.

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How to use this tool?

Instructions: Take the subject’s height with one hand stretched full up, then jump and touch the highest vane that can be reached. The jump height is the difference between upright height and leap height. Alternatively, you can adjust the lowest vane to be at the fully extended arm point with both feet on the ground, then the jump height is only the highest vane reached.

When using this device, it is useful to install the poles to rearrange the vanes without lowering the unit, and you should place the load or stabilize the base to avoid tipping.

This device can be used to measure a standard vertical jump from a distance of two feet from a standing position just below it, or a single step or vertical jump that allows testing in some sports.

Advantages: No walls or other objects nearby that can hamper jumping ability jumpers. The apparatus can be used indoors or outdoors.

Disadvantages: This apparatus is quite expensive about $ 500, especially when compared to just using a piece of chalk on the wall. As with wall use, the maximum height measurement that is reached depends on the ability of jumpers to swing their arms to touch the propellers at the peak of their jumps.

  • Jump Mat

how to measure vertical jump

The jump mat is one of the many systems available to measure vertical jump height. See the discussion and list of available methods. This vertical jump tool uses what is called the Abalakov belt, to directly measure the jump height.

About this tool: The vertical jump mat is based on the mechanical steering wheel. The Vertical Jump Mat is a 22 “x 22” x 9mm thick square mat, made of Versa Flex. It will not detach or rupture and hold the puncture.

Instruction: Subjects wear waist belts attached to tape-covered tape measure. Set the tape to zero and jump as high as possible. The size of the tape shows how high the jump is. After you have finished testing, roll it and take it away.

Advantages: This device is cheap, portable and easy to use. Testing can be done alone. You get a true vertical height displacement of the torso. The apparatus can be used indoors or outdoors.

Disadvantages: the measured height will be inaccurate if you do not jump straight up and down. This system can also limit the movement of athletes. The further error may occur due to the moment of inertia of the tape, and if the band is loose from the start.

  • Chrono Jump Timing System

Chrono Jump is a complete multi-platform system for measuring, managing and statistics of jump time events (contact time, flight time), and other actions.

ChronoJump is open hardware, free software complete system. It is distributed under the GPL license. The program source code and chronometer are freely available, and it is also possible to modify and redistribute the software. Because the source code is available, it’s possible to verify the validity and reliability of digital measuring instruments, making it appropriate for scientific inquiry.

For more information, see the ChronoJump website.

  • Vertical Jump Laser System

Using a laser is one of the many systems available to measure vertical jump height. See the following description about it:
About: The system calculates the height of the vertical jump by measuring the time from when the foot leaves the floor to the top of the jump at the height of the raised arm. From the moment of spike, the height and strength of the foot can be calculated.

How to use this tool?

Instruction: the subject stands on a mat in the infrared laser field. When the equipment is ready, the subject jumps vertically, reaching up with one hand as high as possible. The time starts when the infrared laser on the ground becomes unbroken, and finishes when the athlete jumps and breaks the top laser with his hand.

Another systems that use lasers are replacing wall and chalk methods, and have lasers at the wall level. The height at which the damaged laser beam is measured.

Advantages: Unlike the jump timing mat, this system does not have the possible error of the feet being pulled up at landing.

Disadvantages: The laser device is more expensive than other vertical jumping equipment, and not too portable. Without marks on the wall, high jumps using this method can be lower.

  • Force Plate Vertical Jump

Another Vertical Jump Equipment to measure your jump is a force plate is one of many methods to measure vertical jump height. It is usually reserved for use in scientific research. This is one of the many methods available to measure vertical jump height. See the discussion below.

About: You can calculate vertical jump height by using various sizes of force plate. The high jump can be calculated by this method (Linthorne 2001):

  1. From the time of stepping
  2. By applying the impulse-momentum theorem to the time-force curve, and
  3. By applying the working energy theorem to the force-displacement curve.

Equipment: a force plate is a rectangular metal plate with piezoelectric or gauge transducer strain mounted on each corner, providing an electrical output that is proportional to the force on the plate. The commercially available piezoelectric force board is made by Kistler.

Hint: To measure the maximum jump height, the subject is on a force platform with both legs apart. When ready, jump as high as possible, landed back on the platform.

Measurements: The reaction ground is obtained from the force platform. From this measurement, the time-force curve, acceleration time, speed-time, time shift, and force transfer can be calculated.

Disadvantages: expensive to buy force platform and keep it well and calibrated.

Advantages: in addition to measuring jumping height, there is plenty of additional information available.

I think that’s all for now, if you have a question or suggestion for us don’t hesitate to write it on comment session below. Don’t forget to like and share if you think this is a great article. Thank you.

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